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portraits in a minor

secrets & lies

Amanda / I am a cherry ghost
21 August 1984
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AMANDA: INFP; enneagram type 4; Leo on the cusp of Virgo, moon in Gemini, Scorpio rising

MUSIC: Aimee Mann; Alkaline Trio; Ani DiFranco; the Arcade Fire; At the Drive-In; Azure Ray; Belle & Sebastian; Ben Folds; Bright Eyes; Broken Social Scene; Built to Spill; Camera Obscura; Cat Power; Coldplay; Counting Crows; the Cure; Cursive; Damien Rice; Dar Williams; Dashboard Confessional; Death Cab for Cutie; the Decemberists; the Dresden Dolls; Eels; Elliott Smith; the Faint; Fiona Apple; the Good Life; Harry & the Potters; Howie Day; the Hush Sound; Interpol; Iron & Wine; Jeff Buckley; Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins; the Magnetic Fields; Maria Taylor; Martha Wainwright; Mirah; Modest Mouse; Muse; My Morning Jacket; Neko Case; Neutral Milk Hotel; the New Pornographers; Nine Inch Nails; Now It's Overhead; Okkervil River; Pedro the Lion; PJ Harvey; Poe; the Postal Service; Radiohead; Rainer Maria; Red House Painters; Regina Spektor; Rilo Kiley; Rufus Wainwright; Ryan Adams; the Shins; Sleater-Kinney; Smashing Pumpkins; Son, Ambulance; Spoon; Stars; Sufjan Stevens; Tegan & Sara; Tilly & the Wall; Tori Amos; the Velvet Teen; the Weakerthans; Wilco; Wolf Parade

BOOKS: Alice Sebold (The Lovely Bones); Anne Sexton; Antoine de Saint Exupery (The Little Prince); Andrea Seigel (Like the Red Panda); Barbara Kingsolver (The Poisonwood Bible); Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club); Donna Tartt (The Secret History); Dorothy Parker; Elizabeth Wurtzel (Bitch); Janet Fitch (White Oleander); JD Salinger (The Catcher in the Rye, Franny & Zooey); Jeffrey Eugenides (The Virgin Suicides); JK Rowling (Harry Potter et all); Joanne Greenberg (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden); Joyce Carol Oates (Blonde, Foxfire); Katherine Dunn (Geek Love); Lauren Slater (Lying); Louise Fitzhugh (Harriet the Spy); Margaret Atwood (Cat's Eye); Neil Gaiman (American Gods); Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials); Phoebe Gloeckner (The Diary of a Teenage Girl); Rebecca Godfrey (The Torn Skirt); Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower); Stephen King (The Dark Tower); Susanna Kaysen (Girl Interrupted); Sylvia Plath (Ariel, The Bell Jar, The Unabridged Journals); William Shakespeare (Hamlet); Yann Martel (Life of Pi)

MOVIES/TV: Amelie; American Beauty; AI: Artificial Intelligence; Apocalypse Now; Big Fish; Brokeback Mountain; Dancer in the Dark; Donnie Darko; Edward Scissorhands; Empire Records; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Fight Club; Finding Neverland; Firefly; Garden State; Ghost World; Igby Goes Down; I Heart Huckabees; Lord of the Rings; Lost; Lost in Translation; Magnolia; Mirrormask; Moulin Rouge; One Hour Photo; Pirates of the Carribean; Pulp Fiction; Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead; Serenity; Sin City; Thirteen; V for Vendetta; Waking Life; What's Eating Gilbert Grape

COMICS/ANIME/MANGA: Angel Sanctuary; Blankets; Death Note; Ghost World; I Never Liked You; Jar of Fools; Loveless; Nana; Optic Nerve; Paradise Kiss; the Sandman; Serial Experiments Lain

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accidental eloquence, acoustic guitar, action figures, aesthetics, affection, all or nothing, always being right, angst, antiheroes, awkwardness, ball jointed dolls, ballpoint pens, being a fag hag, being a nerd, being held, being stubborn, blankets, blood guts & gore, blythe, caffeine, cemeteries, climbing things, collecting, colored pencils, comfort in familiarity, coming of age stories, coming to terms, complication, control, cute fuzzy things, decorating, department of mysteries, depression, digital cameras, dolls, drawing, dæmons, electronics, emotional authenticity, emotional exhibitionism, existential detectives, fictional characters, finding my niche, fixing things, flashlights, geek glasses, ghosts, graphic novels, harry potter, holding grudges, hurt/comfort, identity crises, imaginary friends, imagination, indie music, inner monologues, inner worlds, introspection, intuition, keeping secrets, la la land, living vicariously through fiction, looking out the window, lurking, lying, lyrics, machinery, magical realism, manga, maps, messenger bags, metaphor, might as well live, minotaurs, moleskines, moon gazing, my own little world, my sordid past, navel-gazing, nervous habits, neuroses, nostalgia, organization, owls, passive aggression, people watching, perfection, personal mythology, personality types, phoenixes, poetic prose, porn & chocolate, power dynamics, power lines, pretending i'm someone else, procrastination, profanity, psychopathology, pullips, putting things together, reasons, remembering everything, repetition, riding the subway, rising from the ashes, robots, scars, seeking, self analysis, self awareness, self deprecation, self injury, self-imposed loneliness, shameless fangirling, sincerity, singing badly, sitting like l, skeleton keys, slash, sleep, spontaneous violent love, spying, squirrels, storms, stream of consciousness, street fashion, strength, stuffed animals, subconscious motivations, subjective realities, subtext, super dollfies, symbolism, talking to inanimate objects, tarot cards, tattoos, tchotchkies, texture, the endless, the little prince, the photo lab, the vivian girls, unreliable narration, unrequited love, vignettes, walking home, wasted potential, wings, woods, worst case scenarios


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